From feature request to pull request 🪄

Draftpilot is an AI coding assistant that can write code for you to fix crashes and bugs, add unit tests, and even start building new features. It's like having a junior developer on your team, but without the salary.

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From natural language to code

Describe what you want to do in natural language and Draftpilot will automatically plan and generate the code for you. You'll have the opportunity to review and edit the code before it's committed. For larger features, Draftpilot can help solve the "writers block" of breaking down a complex task and getting started.

Things it can do

  • Create new pages, React components, or models by referencing existing code
  • Add new API routes on the frontend and backend together
  • Figure out which files to modify automatically
  • Great at writing algorithms for parsing text, integrating with third-parties, data wrangling, and many other types of boilerplate code

Finally get those tests written

Does your project lack unit tests? Draftpilot can help you get started by automatically generating tests for any file in your project.

Things it can do

  • Automatically add or create new test files
  • Iterate on tests until they pass
  • Refactor source files to be more testable
  • Generate sample data to match any schema

Automatic fixes for bugs and crashes

Is your issue tracker and error logging service overflowing with bugs that your team doesn't have time to fix? Draftpilot can automatically try to fix bugs and handle crashes when provided with a stack trace or bug report, which can greatly speed up time to resolution.

Things it can do

  • Parse server logs, stack traces, and other data sources to find issues
  • Fix bugs and crashes automatically if a fix is available
  • Provide reproduction steps for bugs that can't be fixed automatically
  • Connect to APM tools to automatically fix issues